One of the main areas of our activity is the production of fresh and frozen casseroles. We can be proud of almost twenty-five years of experience, which makes us experts in the field. Over the years, we have developed an original recipe due to which Ban-food casseroles became synonymous with unique taste and high quality ingredients used in their production.

Casseroles are a showcase and also the heart of the Cracow’s Kazimierz district. Each of the residents of the capital of Malopolska tried them at least once. More and more, they are also appreciated by many tourists, becoming a must for all visitors of Kazimierz.
Therefore, it is no coincidence that the tradition of our casseroles comes directly from the Cracow’s Kazimierz district. A crispy crust, aromatic mushroom and onion stuffing and the perfect amount of cheese, on the one hand are the essence of the taste, and on the other, are only its base. This dish, unique in its simplicity, gives an opportunity for countless modifications. Using additives in the form of ham, salami, corn, and many others, you can compose your own flavour to your individual tastes. All this, so that even the most finicky gourmet of casseroles found something for himself!
Serce Kazimierza

Years of experience, ingredients of the highest quality, and above all, the traditional taste of the casseroles famous throughout Krakow distinguish our product from among the competition. Ban-food casseroles have already been sold in many restaurants and eateries. Due to satisfaction of thousands of customers, we have become one of the largest manufacturer of fresh and frozen casseroles in the region. And we have the appetite for more.

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