An important branch of our business is the distribution of food and catering services. We offer high quality products dedicated to the HoReCa sector, needed to run hotels and restaurants as well as bars and eateries at the highest level. Our extensive range of over 2000 products in offer, allows us for a comprehensive service of this rapidly growing market segment.

We have a catering service adapted to the individual needs. We solve problems related to ensuring the continuity and proper quality of supply, adapt the range of products to the specifics of a particular restaurant. Due to the rich variety of our offer we are able to comprehensively realise any order. To the HoReCa sector clients we offer a wide selection of fish, meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, baked goods, as well as packaging and chemistry, and many other products necessary for the HoReCa sector.
We offer a wide range of fish, meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, breads, as well as packaging and chemicals and many other products.
Our staff included not only the person receiving the order. It is primarily professionals with experience and needed competence, which guarantee professional service of every customer.

Group of our HoReCa clients include: